About Me

Hi, I am a Corporate Filmmaker and Personality Development Coach. I live in India with my wife (Indian Classical Music Teacher) and my 4 year old Son.

As a Corporate Filmmaker I have over 13 years of experience and have produced over 4500 sales and marketing videos for over 2000 clients worldwide (yes you read it right). The reason I have made so many videos is because of my low cost, quick production and Result Oriented Formula. My passion is to help as many Entrepreneurs as possible. Therefore I say YES to startups and NO to Big Brands.

Quick Background ⇌ I am “Half-Engineer” and have the privilege of  working with brands like HCL and Microsoft. In 2006, I left my job to follow my passion of being a Filmmaker. To be honest I failed more than I succeeded. But I am grateful to each and every failure of my life.
“My Successes” made me a better Corporate filmmaker (who helps entrepreneurs promote their products or services through video) and “My failures” made me a better Coach.

As a coach my Success and Transformational strategies have helped over 2,00,000 people worldwide. I may give coaching to students, job seekers or entrepreneurs. But my Core Mission is to “Help People Succeed Without Burnout”. A lot of people unconsciously believe that stress & unhappiness is the path to success. That’s a Big Misunderstanding. There is another way to achieve Success without burning out. My way is just that…

I have been awarded by prestigious organizations like Times of India and have been featured in various online and offline news channels and news papers like Dainik Jagran.

Best Wishes for your Success (without Burnout)
Ashwani Thakur