About me

Maybe a Google search or Wikipedia can tell more about me. This is my personal website so I am suppose to write “about me” on my own but this is the most difficult task. Other’s know more about me, I guess.

I am 34* and am still in the process of discovering myself. I make money as a writer/filmmaker but that is not who I am. There was a time I made money working in a call center so the way I make money does not define who I am. I love writing, acting and shooting but there was a time I loved watching cartoons so the hobbies and interests are also not constant so they also do not define who I am.

But there is one thing that is common throughout these years. Since my childhood I always believed that there are 2 ways to live life. One is the unconscious way in which things happen to us and the other is the conscious way in which we make things happen. I always wanted to live the conscious way which is also referred as the path of self-realization.

I always tried to find ways to be better, live better, work better and so on…

And now I have made it a mission of my life to continue striving for being better than what I was yesterday and also help others do the same. With my words and videos I want to help people lead a better life. My goal is that those who watch my videos achieve success and greatness in whatever they do. Husbands become better husbands, wives become better wives, children become better children, students become better students, professionals become better professionals, and businessmen become better businessmen and so on…

Currently I am playing the role of a Filmmaker and Motivational Speaker but this is not what describes me. The process of self-discovery still continues.

Feel free to check out my 2 YouTube Channels to watch motivational videos with valuable Entertainment:

  1. Lets Share Solutions: http://www.youtube.com/letssharesolutions
  2. IndiaTainment: http://www.youtube.com/indiatainment

Thanks and God Bless

Ashwani Thakur

*September 2017